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We offer bang for your buck, whether it is for business or holiday Relo Immobilier provides all the services that a luxurious hotel offers topped with unique services, central locations and exceptional ambiance.
Your extended stay in Montreal is a couple of clicks away.
Quality Assurance

Have no doubt with Relo you’re guaranteed only the highest quality in luxury rental units in Montreal. If we wouldn’t sleep there neither should you.

The Perfect Place

Our elegant suites are hand-picked to provide a memorable stay in Montreal, from cozier intimate yet spacious units with unique ambiance and decor to large luxurious yet inviting spaces with all the bells and whistles.

Night & Day Support

Relo is always on hand with our 24/hr guest services; we want to make your stay with us is nothing less than absolute satisfaction.

Trust Relo to find the perfect place to stay in Montreal

Your stay in Montreal will be a dream come true.

Luxury Rentals Are Better Than Hotels

Get a prestigious unit for up to 25% cheaper than a hotel room of equivalent standards.
You won’t feel like you are living out of your suitcase

Our rentals are very spacious and do not confine you to a hotel room atmosphere, we cater to those who want that little extra in life, whether it be for meetings, family or simply for relaxation a Relo Immobilier accommodation is a cut above them all to aid in your truly magnificent Montreal stay. As well, all our apartments boast fully furnished kitchens with all the needed pots, pans, cutlery and utensils to make all your most delicious dishes.

You’ll get more for your money

The expenses of a hotel are absorbed in their prices in order for them to make a profit, therefore making the price vastly inflated leaving the customers no choice but to pay these highly inflated prices in order to recuperate their expenses. Our accommodations on the other hand cater to people who don’t want to pay these extra fees and costs, and with our low overhead and marketing expenses we are pleased to offer very competitive prices in the market.

Enjoy Your Montreal Stay the Right Way.

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